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Joe can mine, you can too!

Upgrade your miner, or don’t. Sell your gold or bank it to earn credits. The choices are up to you!

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Our 5,000 algorithmically generated, unique Miners are no ordinary NFTs. MinerJoe is a complete ecosystem, inclusive of Tri-Token architecture, structured entirely around our limited supply of NFTs. This awesome architecture is designed to create a perpetual value-loop for our Miners.

Unique NFTs

Our 5,000 algorithmically generated, unique Miners NFT’s are no ordinary diggers. They’re upgradable!


Want to get panning? The marketplace is the best spot to get a miner, $gold and $credits.

Mining Ecosystem

Our wild tri-token architecture is designed to create a perpetual value-loop for our Miners.


Stake your Claim

Strike the Mother Lode! All Miner NFT’s mine $gold, a core part of the MinerJoe ecosystem.

Play Your Way

Upgrade your miner, or don’t. Sell your gold or bank it to earn $credits used to upgrade him. The choices are up to you!


Strike up a conversation with the other folks that love to dig! Miners love to chat on Discord and Telegram.


Our team has been digging in the crypto mines for the better part of a decade! Each with their own special skill set they’ve come together to make mining for all walks of life a possibility (except for Victor).

Joe, Founder

Joe is no stranger to using a pickaxe, but he likes to spend his time running the operation. He'll be in front of the mine formulating a plan.

Sam, Web Developer

A real go-getter! With 20 years of experience in the industry there is almost nothing Sam hasn’t seen. When things break, he’s on top of it.

Jim, Wild Developer

Wild Jim has been known to figure out how this whole mining thing works. He is good! He knows this system like the back of his hand.

Victor, Mining Foreman

Just last week we had a terrible accident happen. Victor was mining... then Victor wasn’t mining... Victor died… We need another Victor.

Bob, Community Manager

Bob’s the new Victor, at least for now. So far he’s been keeping up with the rest of the team, but only time will tell if he ends up like Victor.

Eli, Town Crier

Eli is famous around these parts because he’s the town newspaper! He’s the one with the fancy hat making the loud announcements.


From concept to execution the MinerJoe roadmap is fast paced, but flexible for changes. We’re confident that our partnerships and collaborations will define the roadmap for years to come.

  • 1

    December 2021 – January 2022

    • Development and testing of contracts
    • Art development for NFT’s, Website & Social Media
    • Website Development
    • Establish Social Media
    • Find another Victor
  • 2

    February 2022

    • Mining NFT’s for sale on the Avalanche ecosystem
    • VM Tycoons Collaboration
    • Expand to Polygon
  • 3

    March 2022

    • QueenBee NFT Collaboration
    • Farmers Game Collaboration
  • 4

    April 2022

    • Sam's Saloon Expansion NFT Project
  • 5

    Q3 2023

    • MinerZoe Expansion NFT Project
  • 6

    Q2 2024

    • MiningTown Liquidity Expansion Project

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