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MinerJoe is an ecosystem, which starts with an NFT. This NFT is a gold miner. He can be "staked" and will be rewarded with $gold, a token. $gold can be staked, or as we call it "banked" to earn $credits, another token. $credits can be used to upgrade the NFT metadata and make him mine $gold faster.

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In the example above, You’ll notice a box below your miner that shows his controls and stats. This information includes his status (Mining or Not Mining), his level, the credits invested and required for the next level, and the rarity score. You also have the controls needed to list your Miner in the marketplace and add credits to your miner to level him up. Mining miners earn gold, shown below.

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Claiming your gold hauls it out of the mine. Depositing your gold puts it in the bank. If you want to earn credits to upgrade your Miner, you need to put your gold in the bank. If you take your gold out of the bank, you’ll have to pay taxes. Claiming your credits from the bank makes them usable for upgrades. Are you impatient? Need credits faster? You can trade your gold for credits at the ratio displayed in your credits control area.


Have a look at the rarity levels and rarity score of our 10,000 miners.

Rarity Score Rarity Level
46-64 Common
65-85 Uncommon
86-167 Rare
168-189 Epic
190+ Mythic


Have a look at the rarity details and rarity occurrence of our 10,000 miners.



Not only are Miners highly desirable, collectible NFTs, they also mine $gold. In short, when you stake your claim at they start mining.



The native governance & utility token of Miners. ALL 10,000 Miners can mine $gold - the fuel of the MinerJoe ecosystem. Simply have your Miner stake his claim and he will start mining $gold!



The initial utility & banking reward token of Miners. ALL 10,000 Miners can be upgraded using $credits to mine faster. $credits are earned by banking $gold on



Finally, once you’ve earned some $credits, use them to upgrade your Miner so he mines faster. Why? Because upgraded Miners mine more $gold — and not to mention they are more valuable in the Marketplace.


Please enter the miner id below for detailed information


Our 10,000 algorithmically generated, unique Miners are no ordinary NFTs. MinerJoe is a complete ecosystem, inclusive of Tri-Token architecture, structured entirely around our limited supply of NFTs. This awesome architecture is designed to create a perpetual value-loop for our Miners.

General Questions (4)

If you are new to these part, here are some pointers!

Where do I find more information in detail?
We have a documentation site with all the project information that's updated frequently. Click here:
Can I be part of this project somehow?
Will you be available on other chains beside Avalanche?
The mining life isn't for me, how to I get out?

Mining Questions (5)

Mining is in our blood, but we are not born knowing how to mine!

How do I mine gold?
Once you’ve purchased your Miner NFT from the Mint section he will appear under the Operation section. There, a box will appear above your miners to have them get digging.
Can I have more than one miner?
How to level up?
Can I sell my Miner NFT anywhere?
I am having problems minting with Ledger, how can I fix it?

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